Novasigma is a legal, accounting and consulting services firm helping company owners and directors worldwide in international business and tax planning, company formation, accounting and banking solutions. We are expanding strongly and in order to support our growth we have now launched our new Partnership programme!

Become a Novasigma Accounting and Law – Certified Partner – Apply now!

We are  recruiting independent lawyers, law firms, accounting firms, accountants and independent business consultants to team up with us and become a part of the worldwide partner network of law, accounting and business consulting professionals (Novasigma Accounting and Law –  Certified Partner).  In every country partners will be recruited from different areas of expertise with the mentality of “Quality, Not Quantity” always carefully applied in the recruiting process. This ensures that our clients will always receive the best assistance and service available, under any circumstances, no matter what´s their situation and where they are located.


We are marketing legal, accounting and consulting services, produced by (our own staff and/or) our Partners to our client’s, private or corporate, through normal sales and marketing channels with the main focus on innovative marketing ways on the internet. We will be also rewarding you as our partner for each new client case by giving you or your firm a higher visibility in our marketing system better you perform. This means.. well more sales of course for you or your company!

The main benefits for the partners are

  • Novasigma Account Managers will provide Partner’s services for Novasigma’s clients
  • Partners team member is able to publish their own profile at www.novasigma.com
  • Partners get to write articles on the www.novasigma.com website and Novasigma E-MAG which is scheduled to be launched later this year and to be distributed for existing and potential future clients
  • Partners will enjoy the benefits of vast selection of marketing efforts to be put in action frequently
  • Partners will benefit from the strong Worldwide network of legal, consulting and accounting professionals specialized in different areas of expertise with the experience from different industry sectors. Available vast range of expertise creates an opportunity to form inter-firm teams in the order to able to serve wider range and more complex client cases and gain more business.
  • Guaranteed payments from hours they work without fear of credit loss
  • Partners can participate in training and networking events held frequently
  • Partners will get their logo on Novasigma websites and marketing materials
  • Partners are allowed to use “Novasigma Accounting and Law – Certified Partner” – logo on their website and marketing materials